Wedding & Bridal Shower Gifts

Looking for a beautiful, handmade customized gift for your wedding or bridal shower? Look no further!  Use "Happily Ever After" or "From My Shower to Yours" customized and personalized 2.5” x 2.5” cardstock favor tags with your name and celebration date!  Each handmade product comes in a colored organza bag with personalized tag and a special ring.

Choose from moisturizing bath bombs or nourishing handmade soaps. Colors and scents include: French Lavender (Purple), Tangy Citrus (Orange), Cucumber Melon (Light Green), Sunnie Delight (Yellow), Sweet Sangria (Pink), Raspberry Vanilla (Blue), Charming Cedar (Black), Fresh Prince (Turquoise), Warm Vanilla (Brown), Cooling Peppermint (Dark Green), and Radiant Rose (Red). 

All bridal shower and wedding gifts over 20 pieces receive wholesale pricing.  For more information email or call 563-528-0892.


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