Southside Blooms Flower Seed Greeting Card

Southside Blooms flower cards are made from flower seeds and infused with recycled paper in the local community. These gorgeous cards are the perfect way to send your family and friends your well wishes! They are handmade and created by courageous at-risk youth and young adults in some of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods with the Southside Blooms program at Options include: Love, Thank You, and Happy Birthday! 

Sow the seeds of change in your garden while supporting our mission to alleviate poverty through sustainability. Southside Blooms, a 501c3 non-profit farm-to-vase florist, is dedicated to transforming vacant lots into thriving off-grid flower farms, generating employment for at-risk youth in Chicago’s South and West sides.

🌸Ready to sow the seeds of positive change? Plant these seeds in your garden and watch them blossom into a tapestry of native beauty. 🌼💚 Wildflowers are in the seed paper: The All Perennial Wildflower Mix contains many of the most beloved wildflowers including Lupine, Flax, Coreopsis, Shasta Daisy, Black Eyed Susan plus 10 others varieties.


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