Hausa Grass Basket

Handmade by Hausa women of Nigeria who have a long history as basket weavers. 

Made using the traditional woven coiled method so it is woven with the outside having a slightly rougher design and the inside being smoother in appearance. Natural purple and pink dyes are used to create the patterns. 

The Hausa people are concentrated mainly in northwestern Nigeria and in adjoining southern Niger in an area which is mostly semiarid grassland or savanna. The Hausa people collect various grasses, which they harvest every summer and weave into these grain bowls / baskets. The baskets are given as wedding gifts to save and store grain and for decoration when not in use. Each basket varies in size and design displaying the desires of the individual weaver.

Because of the handmade nature, each basket design and coloring differ

Small Round/Oval: Approximately 6"-8" diameter x 3" tall
Medium Round: Approximately 10.5" diameter x 3" tall
Large Round: Approximately 13" diameter x 3" tall

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