Argrow's Natural Soap Sets

Bask in the luscious lather of Argrow's House natural handmade soap.  Infused with natural ingredients and made with moisturizing shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil.  Gentle enough as a cleanser for the face and body. Argrow's House handmade soap will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth! Soap sets come in sets of 3.  Choose from the following: 

French Lavender/Tangy Citrus/Cucumber Melon

Sunnie Delight/Sweet Sangria/Raspberry Vanilla

Charming Cedar/Fresh Prince/Warm Vanilla

Lovely Lilac/Sea Breeze/Cotton Candy

Lovely Lilac/Honey Almond/Sea Breeze

French Lavendar- Settle down to the calming scent of french lavendar. Enjoy the benefits of lavender essential oil, relieving stress, and preparing you for a good nights sleep. Infused and topped with real lavender buds!

Tangy Citrus- Become energized by the citrus hint of clementine. Essential oils of bergamot and tangerine help to comfort the body after a long day. Infused and topped with real lime peels!

Cucumber Melon- Inhale the aroma of fresh cucumber combined with sweet, honeydew melon.  Delight in the cleansing, purifying properties of lemon essential oil promoting positive feelings.

Sunnie Delight- Smell the yummy goodness of oranges, peaches, and strawberries! Enjoy the sweet, citrus scent of tangerine essential oil promoting joy and radiating calm! Topped with eco-friendly glitter! 

Sweet Sangria- Enjoy the sweet smell of tropical blended fruit, while benefitting from the soothing essential oils of grapefruit. Infused and topped with real orange peels!

Rasberry Vanilla- Bask in the richness of rasberry and vanilla. Inhale and feel the uplifting aroma of jasmine essential oil. Topped with eco-friendly glitter!

Charming Cedar- Relax in the warm, woody smell of cedarwood essential oil. Enjoy the natural properties soothing the mind and body.

Fresh Prince- Savor the fresh, aquatic aroma of Fresh Prince!  Bask in the benefits of patchouli essential oil providing balance.  

Warm Vanilla- Bask in the richness of sweet, warm vanilla. Inhale and feel the uplifting aroma of cassia cinnamon encouraging boldness for the day ahead. Infused and topped with authentic cinnamon sticks!

Lovely Lilac- Enjoy the smell of freshly bloomed lilac. Gaining balance from sweet, jasmine essential oil. Topped with lovely purple glitter.

Sea Breeze- Smell the fresh, ocean midst of the sea. Bask in the earthy and uplifting attributes of frankincense essential oil. Topped with sea colored glitter.

Cotton Candy- Skip into the sweet, fun smell of cotton candy. Enjoy the therapeutic properties of vanilla oil. With gorgeous pink sparkle on top! 

Honey Almond- Treat yourself to a blend of almond joy and sweet honey. Embrace the calming and uplifting benefits of bergamot essential oil. Topped with golden eco-friendly glitter. 

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