Sexual Assault Awareness Soap/Soap Dish

Argrow's Teal Ribbon Soap

Sexual Assault Awareness is important for the work of Argrow's House. "One in five women in the United States will experience completed or attempted rape during their lifetime." ( April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In honor of this we have created a teal ribbon soap! This special edition soap has a beautiful fragrance of freshly chopped orange, strawberry, apple, grapes, and coconut for a deliciously fruity, fresh blend! Share awareness through a special labeled awareness soap for a friend, colleague, family member. 

Argrow's Soap Dish

Combine your teal ribbon soap with a gorgeous handmade resin purple and teal soap dish created by #SurvivorStrong Adriane Lynn of East Moline, IL! Purple represents Domestic Violence Awareness and teal represents sexual assault awareness. 

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