Argrow's Special Occasion Gift Set

Looking for a great Father's Day gift? Look no further! Argrow's House Father's Day Gift set comes with a handmade soap, masculine scented bath balm, a full sized 8 oz. body lotion, essential oil blend, and a blue handmade Argrow's House face mask! All made by women survivors of violence! A $60 value for only $50.  Scents include: Charming Cedar, Fresh Prince, and Warm Vanilla! 

Charming Cedar- Relax in the warm, woody smell of cedarwood essential oil. Enjoy the natural properties soothing the mind and body. This set comes with Soothing essential oil and Charming Cedar body lotion. 

Fresh Prince- Savor the fresh, aquatic aroma of Fresh Prince!  Bask in the benefits of patchouli essential oil providing balance. This set comes with Energizing essential oil and Fresh Prince body lotion. 

Warm Vanilla- Bask in the richness of sweet, warm vanilla. Inhale and feel the uplifting aroma of cassia cinnamon encouraging boldness for the day ahead. This handmade soap is infused and topped with authentic cinnamon! This set comes with Energizing essential oil. A moisturizing body lotion in Warm Vanilla compliments this set.

Argrow's Natural Soaps

Bask in the luscious lather of Argrow's House natural handmade soap.  Infused with natural ingredients and made with moisturizing shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil.  Gentle enough as a cleanser for the face and body. Argrow's House handmade soap will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth!

Argrow's  Bath Balms

Argrow's bath balms are loaded with moisturizing mango butter and nourishing coconut oil. Our unique blend of essential oils and fragrances share an exciting radiance of color and smell that will leave your skin feeling great! 

Argrow's Moisturizing Body Lotion

Argrow's House Moisturizing Body Lotion is infused with aloe vera gel, vitamin e, shea butter, and coconut oil! This light and fluffy handmade lotion will leave your skin felling soft and nourished.

Argrow's Essential Oil Blends

Each natural essential oil is blended with high quality coconut oil ultimately creating the blends Calming, Inspiring, Soothing, and Energizing.

Argrow's Face Masks

The Olson style with filter pocket mask is made of 100% cotton. Washable/ Handmade by women survivors of violence at Argrow's House. The outer layer and cheek layers are cotton batik fabric from Empower Tanzania. Women survivors of gender based violence in Same, Tanzania. Inner face pocket layer is white cotton. Black elastic loops are attached to the sides for wearing over the ears for a snug fit.  Mask can be worn as a 2 layer mask or use the white face pocket with a customer provided filter such as N-95 filter, surgical mask, a coffee filter, or other approved layer of protection.


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