Argrow's Valentine's Day Grab Bag!

Grab a gift for the special someone in your life for Valentine's Day! 

Give the gift that keeps on giving with Argrow's House "I Love You" personalized label Radiant Rose Soap, "Happy Valentine's Day" French Lavender Soap, "You Are Sweet" Sweet Sangria Soap, and "Happy Valentine's Day" Charming Cedar Soap. All gift sets come with a soap, lotion, and bath balm! All gift sets also come with a complimentary Valentine's Day mug! 

Happy Valentine’s Day Label- French Lavender Soap,  French Lavender Bath Balm, French Lavender Lotion

You Are Sweet Label- Sweet Sangria Soap, Sweet Sangria Bath Balm, Sweet Sangria Lotion

I Love You Label- Radiant Rose Soap, Radiant Rose Bath Balm, Honey Almond Lotion

Happy Valentine’s Day Label- Charming Cedar Soap, Charming Cedar Lotion, Peppermint Hand Sanitizer

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