Argrow's Special Occasion Gift Box

Want to dazzle your loved one with a special gift on their special day?  The Argrow's House gift box is the perfect gift! 3 handmade soaps, 3 bath balms, 2 essential oil blends, 1 sparkling cider in a luxury gift box!  Made with shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, olive oil, essential oils, and more!  Choose from a selection of four speciality boxes that will delight your loved ones senses, while nourishing their skin!

Raspberry Vanilla/Sunnie Delight/Sweet Sangria/Energizing and Calming Oils

Fresh Prince/Charming Cedar/Warm Vanilla/Soothing and Energizing Oils

French Lavendar/Cucumber Melon/Tangy Citrus/Calming and Energizing Oils

Argrow's Natural Soaps

Rasberry Vanilla- Bask in the richness of rasberry and vanilla. Inhale and feel the uplifting aroma of jasmine essential oil.

Sunnie Delight- Smell the yummy goodness of oranges, peaches, and strawberries! Savor the sweet, citrus scent of tangerine essential oil promoting joy and radiating calm!

Sweet Sangria- Enjoy the sweet smell of tropical blended fruit, while benefitting from the soothing essential oil of grapefruit.

Fresh Prince- Enjoy the fresh, aquatic aroma of Fresh Prince!  Bask in the benefits of patchouli essential oil providing balance. 

Charming Cedar- Relax in the warm, woody smell of cedarwood essential oil. Enjoy the natural properties soothing the mind and body.

Warm Vanilla- Bask in the richness of sweet, warm vanilla. Inhale and feel the uplifting aroma of cassia cinnamon encouraging boldness for the day ahead.

French Lavendar- Settle down to the calming scent of french lavendar. Enjoy the benefits of lavender essential oil, relieving stress, and preparing you for a good nights sleep.

Cucumber Melon- Inhale the aroma of fresh cucumber combined with sweet, honeydew melon.  Delight in the cleansing, purifying properties of lemon essential oil promoting positive feelings.

Tangy Citrus- Become energized by the citrus hint of clementine. Essential oils of bergamot and tangerine help to comfort the body after a long day.

Argrow's Essential Oil Blends

Energizing- A citrusy blend of wild orange and bergamot promotes balance and stress reduction.

Inspiring- Notes of peppermint stimulate alertness, with a blend of spices and herbs nurturing feelings of joy. 

Soothing- A minty blend of chamomile and peppermint relieving muscle tension after a great work out.

Calming- Infusions of lavendar soothes, while hints of lemon encourages relaxation after a long day.