Argrow's House/Empower Tanzania Cooling Neck Scarf

Gorgeous Yellow/Green Cooling Neck Scarf with hydrating beads made by #SurvivorStrong Cris Gifford, owner of Sew Me a Story, made with special fabric from Empower Tanzania

Cris is a survivor of domestic violence and now uses her gifts as a survivor employee, seamstress, at Argrow's House of Healing and Hope in Davenport, Iowa.

Fabrics for the Cooling Neck Scarf are made according to the artisans' creative preferences and are inspired by popular local Tanzanian color schemes and styles.

Cool Neck Scarf Care Instructions

To hydrate scarf:  Place in 2 cup storage container bowl or pint canning jar.  Add 1 cup of cool/cold water.  Leave in water 4 hours or overnight. Gently pat with paper towel to absorb any excess water.  Scarf is ready to use or cool down in refrigerator.

To cool down:  Place in refrigerator for at least 1 hour. DO NOT PUT IN FREEZER, cooling beads will break and dissolve in water if frozen.

To clean:  Gently handwash in cool water with baby no-tears shampoo. Hang to drip off excessive water.  If beads dry out and shrink follow hydration instructions to rehydrate.

To store:  Allow to hang until cooling beads dry out completely.

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