Argrow's Holiday Gift Sets

Argrow's House has you covered this holiday season with special edition inspirational holiday soap gift sets.  All handmade by women survivors of violence. All gift sets come with a complimentary chocolate treat and are gift wrapped in a special edition red Argrow's holiday box for packaging! 

Merry Christmas - Cooling Peppermint Soap - Inhale the sweet, fluffy smell of peppermint. The essential oil of peppermint soothes, yet inspires alertness for a productive day. Topped with eco friendly glitter. This set includes a Cooling Peppermint soap, Cooling Peppermint bath balm, and a 4oz. Peppermint Eucalyptus body lotion. 

Happy Holidays - Warm Vanilla Soap -Bask in the richness of sweet, warm vanilla. Inhale and feel the uplifting aroma of cassia cinnamon encouraging boldness for the day ahead. Infused and topped with authentic cinnamon sticks! The set includes a Warm Vanilla soap, Warm Vanilla bath balm, and a 4oz. Warm Vanilla body lotion!          

Thanks Giving- Pumpkin Spice Soap- Inspired by the aroma of creamy pumpkin pie, with hints of spice.  Orange essential oil compliments the pumpkin fragrance, while promoting balance. The set comes with a Pumpkin Spice Soap, Pumpkin Spice Bath Balm, and a Pumpkin Spice Lotion! 

The Holiday "Love Collection" Bath Balm Set- The set includes a Cooling Peppermint, Radiant Rose, Warm Vanilla, and Raspberry Vanilla bath balms.

The Holiday Soap Set-  This special set comes with a Merry Christmas - Cooling Peppermint Soap, Happy Holidays - Warm Vanilla Soap, and Thanks Giving- Pumpkin Spice Soap.


Argrow's Natural Soap

Bask in the luscious lather of Argrow's House natural handmade soap.  Infused with natural ingredients and made with moisturizing shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil.  Gentle enough as a cleanser for the face and body. Argrow's House handmade soap will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth!

Argrow's "Love" Collection Bath Balm
"The Love Collection" is a dazzling collection of handmade, heart shaped bath balms with a radiant glow. Bath Balms are loaded with moisturizing mango butter and nourishing coconut oil. Our unique blend of essential oils and fragrances share an exciting radiance of color and smell that will leave your skin feeling young and fresh!    
Argrow's Moisturizing Body Lotion
Argrow's House Moisturizing Body Lotion is infused with aloe vera gel, vitamin e, shea butter, and coconut oil! This light and fluffy handmade lotion will leave your skin felling soft and nourished.